Middle School Students - Confirmation

The Lutheran Confirmation program at Peace Lutheran Church is a transformative experience for youth in grades 6 - 8. Designed to deepen their understanding of the Lutheran faith and prepare them for a lifetime of discipleship, this program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers key theological concepts, biblical teachings, and Lutheran traditions. Through engaging lessons, interactive discussions, and meaningful activities, students have the opportunity to explore their faith, ask questions, and develop a personal relationship with God. The program also encourages active participation in the church community, providing opportunities for service, worship, and fellowship. With dedicated mentors and a supportive environment, the Lutheran Confirmation program at Peace Lutheran Church empowers young individuals to embrace their faith, grow in their spiritual journey, and become strong and compassionate leaders in their communities.


High School Students

High School is often crazy for both teens and parents and families. There is so much going on, and different schedules to coordinate. We do not have a formal program for high schoolers, although we always encourage them to use their gifts of music, singing, reading, dancing, media, and technology in service to the church.

Every couple of years, our denomination holds a National Youth Gathering for high school and young adult students. In 2024, this gathering will be held in New Orleans, LA and a group of us will join 30,000 other youth and adult leaders in worship, service to the New Orleans community, and learning about how we put our faith into action.

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Created To Be - ELCA National Youth Gathering Logo for 2024