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As we start the season of Lent, I do so by reflecting on the Journal Prayer question from our Lenten theme, “What r u up 2?” I hope that you are getting the devotional emails, and if you aren’t and want to, please let us know.

What will you be up to with your one wild and precious life that will feel like you got to store up true treasures?

For me, I always go back and forth between what it is that I want to get up to, what I want to be about, and what I hope life and things will be like. I have hit one of those “magical number” ages this past year and I have thought about this question a lot. What do I want to do? What do I want to be? Am I being that person or not?

I want to be about sharing hope with the world. I want to write down some of the hope that I have experienced in my own life so that maybe others might experience their own little bit of hope in theirs too.

I want to write a liturgy that celebrates the things we are all able to do together, not what some of us aren’t able to do or be. I want to make an impact on future generations with love, kindness, and mercy. I want to learn how to be playful again. I want to learn to laugh again and make others laugh too.

If I can do even some of those things, I’ll feel like there are lots of treasures that are abounding right now. 


What about you?