Resource Connections

On this page, we provide resources that allow you to connect with others in the area community. Share your story, create impactful connections, and join forces to help make a lasting difference.


Community resources for you, your friends, and family
Physical Assistance
  • We Care Community Resource Center - provides help with utilities, temporary housing, agency connections, and physical pantries (Baby, Food, Personal Care)

  • 211 - Telephone hotline connecting you to more resources.


Special E-Book for Parents

Busy Parent E-Book is the perfect guide for busy parents who want to stay connected to their spiritual practices. Our book offers simple, easy-to-follow strategies to help you and your family find time to nurture your faith while balancing a busy lifestyle. With Busy Parent E-Book, you can find the support and inspiration to connect spiritually with your family and create meaningful rituals that will bring joy into your home.